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About wanowa TSUI-TERU-KAI] [June 28 The Chikamatsu study meeting
 [Wanowa TSUI-TERU-KAI An interesting plan
 [September 17 Meeting of "a wanowa"] [Comment on September 17

There were a homecoming report meeting of a USA public performance and a starting meeting to the Chikamatsu public performance success of autumn by Mr. Tsukiji Hongan-ji with May 30 and a BUDISUTO hole.
It was bright, and was positive and 32 persons who stick gathered. The time of one was passed it having been pleasant and laughing all together.
Much some people answer it "although it is bad on that day, it enjoys itself together."
Mr. Chikamatsu feels having sent the yell by "enjoy this public performance that does not make only Tokyo."
Sponsorship of the Chikamatsu public performance is a peace ring. cosponsorship in"wanowa TSUI-TERU-KAI" to anyone can enter I have this public performance only enjoyed by the thing which he wants to do. That you are made to do compulsorily has nothing.

The number of sections is five. Please go into a place to go.

Leader Sayoko Shirotani
Member   Ms. Junko Otobe, Mr. Yuji Masaki, Ms. Kadue Suzuki,
Ms. Yasuko Takeda

【Uniq planning】・・・・ Let's do something new! Think about a uniq plan for next year, too
Leader Ms. Kazue Suzuki,
A vice-leader   Mr. Yasushi Yakura
Member   Mr Nagaaki Miyashita, Ms. Masako Yoshida,
Mr. Hiroshi Shimizu, Mr. Hiroyuki Ayabe

【Advertisement】・・・・ Place to think how we can please people as many as we can.
Leader Ms. Junko Otobe
A vice-leader   Mr. Shigeo Nakajima
Goods   Mr. Kimiharu Kitamura
Press Releases   Ms. Yoshiko Ohgushi,
Mr. Akiyoshi Komagi
Advertisement material   Mr. Shigeo Nakajima
Industry advertisement   Mr. Mitsuhiro Ohhashi, (Mr. Hiroyuki Shigemasa),
Mr. Onojima
Mass communications   Mr. Haruo Saito
Photograph   Mr. Kenichi Kobashi

【Preparation】・・・・ enjoyable process until the performance begins
Leader Ms. Yasuko Takeda
A vice-leader   Ms. Reiko Terashima
Member   Ms. Kinue Sekine, Mr. Danshita,
Ms. Masako Koizumi, Ms. Junko Hirabayashi,
Ms. Hiromi Inoue, Ms. Yuki Narushima

【operation at the day and party after the performance】・・・・ It's ok only operation at the day. It's suitable for person who wishes to make another world right after entering the theater.
Leader Mr. Yuji Konaka
A vice-leader   Mr. Masaki Akiya
Member   Ms. Adumi Inoue, Ms. Kimiko Ogata,
Ms. Etsuko Kuwabata

【Tickets management】  
Leader Ms. Shigeko Morimoto
A vice-leader   Ms. Emiko Aratake

【Special seats】・・・・ role (fire tower)
  Mr. Ichiro Matumoto

【Wassoi member】  
Mr Seisho Takano, Mr. Mitsuhiro Kaneko, Mr. Tomoo Aizawa, Ms. Masako Otani, Mr. Tatsuo Ota, Mr. Tatsuya Sudo, Mr. Hidenori Kasahara, Mr. Shoji Kamijyo, Mr. Masaharu Watanabe, Ms. Keiko Kobayakawa, Mr. Kinshi Furusawa, Ms. Yuka Tainaka, Ms. Kumiko Aoyama, Mr. Keisho Haga、Ms. Miho Asano, Mr. Tokio Watabe
・・・still growing

★Please send us email at if you are interested in joining us, with filling your name, address, zipcode, telephonenumber, fax, whichsection you want to be in, others, etc…
We will contact you right away.
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