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Wa no Wa Schedule
Feb-Nov Gikyoku application
3/ 1(thr)   Culture School 3times in a month till Sept.
3/9(sun)   USA performance audition
5/3(san)   Tea Party
5/14〜20   Performance in USA "The Tea House of August Moon"
5/14〜20   Hollywood Actors' Training Tour (details)
Jun 18th(Wed)   Anniversary for estabished for Wa No Wa
Jun.   Chikamatsu lesson(journey to west)
Jul.7th(Mon)   Meeting of Tanabata
Aug   U.S.-Japan Joint Project
Oct   World of Chikamatu vol.2 "Shintyutennoamishima)
Nov.   The World of Chikamatu
Gikyoku Application close
Dec   joint U.S.-Japan Project
Year-end Party
NPO the Global theater Wa no Wa
"Heike Network" from "Heike Story 2002"

NPO the Global theater Wa no Wa was founded in this February for transmitting Japanese culture to the world.
The first performance "Heike Story 2002" was hold from December 13th to 15th at Nihonbashi Theater (Chuo-ku Kokaido, Suitengu.) We plan to transmit "Heike Story" itself as Japanese cultural heritage to the world wide. For that purpose, we addressed the "Heike Network" to connect information between "Villedge of Heike Ochiudo."
The representative of founder was acceded by Prof. Shuzo Koyama, emeritus professor of National Museum of Ethnology. Mr. Naofusa Mizuno, shinny priest of Akama Gingu which held Antoku Tenno as the god, agreed with the foundation. They had a meeting of founders on Dec. 15th (sun) 19:00 at Chuo-ku Kumin Center.
People who is associated with Heike or who agree with the Heike network are all enterable.
At the meeting, there were exhibition on photos associated with Heike, lecture of Prof. Shuzo Koyama, and proposals of feature actions.

for enter, transfer \() to
postal transfer account : 3885239
to : NPO the Global Theater Wa no Wa
specify : "Heike Network"

for more infomation, contact to
Io corpration:
Otobe :
Tel: 047-368-1361


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