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photo_shirotani sayokoOn this small island, Japan, we developed unique and beautiful culture with thousands years. The world becomes closer and closer by the people traviling around. So, now is the time to succeed the splended Japanese culture to the future as "a human inheritance."

 We believe that friendship builds with the understanding the difference of manners, customs and climate of each other. As for the cultural exchange, continuators of Japanse culture are needed more and more in future.

 Still, the world doesn't know about Japan, we establishe specified non-profit organizations for introduce Japanse culture more positibely, and we hold actibities with people who has a same aim.

what's new
  • NEW A Series of Chikamatsu Monzaemon’s Original Plays: The Fourth Performance, Clever Women Studying the New Almanac (Kenjo no Tenarai Narabi ni Shingyomi) details here.
  • It's News New performance will open soon! details here.
  • 新着情報&公演&トップ
    A script"The woman who is waiting”2007年9月世界SF大会上演台本 details here.
  • 16th May - 29th May, UNESCO ITI "Japanese Traditional Culture in Manila" details here.
  • 16th, November 2004, The 280 anniversary of Monzaemon Chikamatsu's death "Daisyoji Mukashigoyomi"details here.
  • ハリウッドNOHO祭参加(5月13〜18日)写真集
  • 近松心中北陸の旅(5月7〜11日)写真集
  • The trip to KAMIGATA. It is in detail here.
  • 城谷小夜子出演 NHKラジオ「ときめきインタビュー」(約40分)を聞くには、ここをクリック

action policy
 We contributes to promotion of culture, art and an international cultural exchange, through the enterprise that we learn it each other. And also by offering a place, interchange society and information, and learning mainly on Japanese traditional drama, we give people of many foreign countries stimulation.

 We will have grass-roots efforts in: (1) with a thought of "taking a lesson from the past", we will succeed to the Japanese traditional culture that has been inherited for hundreds years and take a part in the new culture formation. (2) we offer Japanese Culture to the world and give the world stage and film culture stimulation. (3) we share an impression above all and contribute to happiness of people.


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